Free Monthly Health Coaching With Product Subscriptions

After purchasing the 12-24 month live zoom Health coaching program, we want to continue to support your health journey FREE! We’ve made it easy, just subscribe!


We are the extension of FreeSpirit Ascension Academy’s Health Program. Through our SUBSCRIPTION’S program we encourage people to keep consuming extremely high quality products for their immunity and overall health and have beautiful skin with FreeSpirit Organic Skin Care.

Free Health Coaching

Long term health coaching can add up financially, we have made it more affordable simply by buying subscription health products! Don’t wait till you have purchased the health coaching program to add free months of coaching. Subscribe now and get free additional months of coaching when your are ready to sign up!

Love&Support, Part of the FreeSpirit Health Family!

We are surrounded by people who are not into health, don’t love or support us. That may stop us from having that healthy lifestyle. Join our loving community long term and get inspired to stay on track with your health long term! You become who you associate with!


When you have a monthly health coach and healer to keep you accountable for the enlightenment of your health and body, you grow faster than on your own. Everybody needs a coach/healer. We help you instantly change your mindset to reprogram your subconscious blocks on staying healthy so that you no longer sabotage yourself on making healthy choices! 90 percent of results comes from removing this resistance! As you grow your health subconcious blocks will come up that we remove on the live zoom call to help you grow


$200 a month maintainance. Purchase at least $200 of product, for one free month of coaching. You can cancel at any time. You can also buy all 12-24 months of coaching in advance. You can also buy more than $200 worth of product a month and qualify for extra months of coaching depending on how much you bought. We never charge your card, we send a monthly notification so you can make the purchases yourself.

Simply email us your monthly receipts to credit you for free coaching at