Super Green Trial Pack




Super Food Green Trial Pack:

HealthForce SuperFoods® Super Green Trial Pack:
(includes one trial sized bottle of each)

Spirulina Manna™: Fresh water blue-green algae packed with amino acids (65% protein), chlorophyll, B vitamins, and minerals. Nutritionally supports kidneys, brain function, and detoxification.

Chlorella Manna™: A broken cell wall green alga with an incredible source of full-spectrum, non-toxic, absorbable nutrients and compounds.

Vitamineral Green™: A nutritionally-dense, full-spectrum green superfood powder. It is a long-time fan favorite featuring grasses, herbs, fresh water algae, sea vegetables, amla berry, shilajit, and enzymes.

Greener Grasses™: Contains five different forms of organically-grown grasses: whole-leaf cereal grasses of barley and wheat, combined with alfalfa and dandelion leaf, complemented with the pure juices of oat and barley grass.

Green Protein Alchemy™: Unlike ANY protein you have ever had. It is 100% vegan protein, 100% whole food and 100% superfoods. Protein is derived from spirulina and chlorella. TruGanic™, vegan, and gluten-free.


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