Revitalize SuperGreens™


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REFRESHING, ENERGIZING, REVITALIZING: Formulated with an emphasis on alkalinity and vitality, this supergreens powder has U.S.-grown, organic, gluten-free grasses, spirulina, and chlorella. 100% actual food, free of synthetic/isolated nutrients.

VITAL HEALTH BENEFITS: Includes kelp, iodine and other important trace minerals. Carob and lucuma provide antioxidants, while whole maca root provides energy and vitality. Also contains whole food vitamin C from acerola cherry and amla berry.

GREAT TASTING: Revitalize SuperGreens™ has a light, refreshing flavor with a hint of peppermint. It mixes into smoothies, shakes, water, juices, or coconut water. No added sweeteners, fillers, or flavors.

HARD-CORE STANDARDS: Certified organic, vegan, kosher, and gluten-free. Our TruGanic™ Sourcing standard includes lab testing for GMOs and pesticides. No fillers, binders, flow agents. Packaged in recyclable amber glass.

HIGHEST MANUFACTURING STANDARDS: Family owned and operated. Made in the U.S. in certified organic, certified kosher, vegan facility. FDA registered cGMP compliant. Peanut and tree nut free.


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